Holla! UWP in limited ALPHA testing

  Hey everyone, Today, I have some good news to share about the progress of Holla!. After a lot of interruptions to the work done on Holla! I am happy to announce the first internal testing build of the UWP version. This build is targeted at selected testers who previously have contributed a lot to […]

Short.y getting better and better

Over the last few months, I’ve worked hard on updating Short.y with more features and implement suggestions and feedback from the community. Today, I will share some of the improvements and changes that have been made and why the community made Short.y the best URL shortener app on the Windows Store. One of the feedbacks […]

Holla! UWP tease

It’s been a while since my last post about holla and this was due to me being extra busy with my last semester in Uni and the final ICT project we had to build. In the last 2 months the team and I managed to impress the panel with the app we built for ICT […]

Short.y receives major update

It’s been a month since I released the first version of Short.y which was received overwhelmingly positive. The app received a lot of reviews on the store page that showed people were actually liking it and using it. Short.y proved to be a great productivity app, specially with how it was designed from the beginning […]

The current state of HOLLA! UWP

Last month I published a short blog post regarding my future plans for HOLLA!. In that post I announced that work has started on the UWP version. Today, I want to give you a quick update on what is going on with the UWP version and the progress made so far. Now before I start, […]

My plans for HOLLA!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a developer message in HOLLA! to share with the users that I have started the work on the UWP version of the application. I also said that I wouldn’t be diving too deep in that message about the details and that I will make a post about it […]

HOLLA!–Updated with more content & new features

HOLLA! the music discovery app that allows you to explore, save, stream, and download any song you like with millions of tracks available has been updated to provide more content to its users. This update brings significant improvements to the content delivered by the app. It now has better support for Indian content (Metadata & […]